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TrackMania Forever - Xmas info

Just for a bit of fun Xmas style themes can be incorporated into a design of a track ! Usually via mods, signs, songs and media tracker. This is a resource of some of the common files used. As an author you may find something usefull here. As a racer you can download and install some of these to minimize on ingame downloading.

Snow    -  Xmas Ice  (TMU)
Rally      -  Festive Rally
Rally      -  Snow 2.0
Rally      -  Snowlly  (TMU)
Rally      -  Merry Loutre (TMO)
Coast    -  Frosty
Coast    -  Winter Wonderland
Desert   -  Xmas Norel  (TMO)
Desert   -  Xmas Norel  (TMUF update)
Desert   -  Noel
Desert   -  Frozen Desert  (available on firefox manialink)
Island    -  A bit Snow
Bay       -  Christmas Bay
Stadium -  Chistmas Mod - (TMN)
Stadium -  Chistmas Mod - (TMNF update)
Stadium -  TM Creative Christmas mod
Stadium -  Ice Age  (also available on crusard manialink)

Authors using these mods should also use loc files or apply the URL into the track.
There are many more mods for Trackmania. But these ones listed are the most suitable themed for xmas.
The great source for mods,tm-mod is unfortunatelyt closed now, Other mods can be found if you search hard enough.
swindon , DDstyle , vinummusik , , cplpatisa59 ,
Mods should be copied into (and left as a zip file) a "mod" folder which you may need to create in the skins enviroment folder
example \documents\trackmania\skins\alpine\mod

NOTE: TM has a bug of sorts, When you have a mod installed also with a loc file in your folder, while playing another track that
uses the same mod it will not display the mod unless the loc in your folder matches the URL used in the track !
If you are a non author downloading and installing mods, delete all loc files and you will have no problem. The mods will even be used on tracks that have dead links for mods !
For authors this will represent a problem when old mod links go dead and new ones are used on your own tracks, the only solution
is to temporarily use the loc when creating your track, but delete the loc when you are finished, so you can enjoy the same mod on
other tracks.

Santa - Download

Authors using skins for ghosts should also use a loc file for the skin.
There are not many suitable skins but check car park for more.
Skins and loc files should be copied into (and left as a zip file) the "CarCommon" folder which you may need to create in the vehicles folder
example \documents\trackmania\skins\vehicles\carcommon